Salenieku bloks ACB betons


About us

SIA Salenieku Bloks manufactures quality concrete products and service provider. The company was founded in 2006 and has a concrete production plant located in the Parish of Sērene in the District of Jaunjelgava, as well as concrete production unit at Bukultu Street 1 in Riga. Ecological concrete paving stones in various forms and colours, street and road curbs, expanded clay blocks are produced at the plant. The concrete production unit in Riga produces transport concrete and mortar, as well as offering concrete transportation and pumping services.


The core operations of SIA ACB Betons involve the production and delivery of quality transport concrete. The company was founded in 1998. Transport concrete, mortar, well-rings and foundation blocks are produced at the concrete production plant in the Parish of Sērene in the District of Jaunjelgava. From the time the company was founded, it has operated an accredited testing and measurement laboratory, whose basic task is to conduct tests on ready concrete products and raw materials, as well as tests on the physical and mechanical properties and soil required for road building.


The operating goal of SIA ACB Betons and SIA Salenieku Bloks is to occupy an important place in the Latvian building materials market and to expand the range of products they produce in the concrete, concrete product, as well as other building material segments. The company’s products conform to Latvian and European standards.



Since 2011, SIA Salenieku Bloks has been a subsidiary of the A.C.B. Group. SIA ACB Betons joined the holding company in 2014.


Roads always lead from person to person. They connect each of us not only to the whole of Latvia, but to the entire world. Therefore, we work to ensure that people can reach one another – safely, conveniently and with no worries along the way.


Innovation without experience is recklessness, while experience without innovation is stagnation. We strive to introduce the most modern solutions, at the same firmly keeping our feet on the foundation of our experience.



We have learned one unchanging truth – at any moment in time, everything can change. Therefore, long-term growth is the sole preserve of those capable of overtaking changes, by finding new operating fields and markets. Development makes daily work more captivating, because it produces new technologies, new projects and new challenges. Our employees are passionate and proud to work for a company that keeps pace with the times and in which creative ideas find attentive ears.


Even in rapidly changing times, we retain stability - in relation to employees, partners and client.


We are honest in regard to our employees, our country, the work we do, and honest towards the people who use our services.


For decades we have worked assiduously to provide that our company is characterised by a consistently professional approach to our work – in every project, solution and detail.


Optimisation of the company’s structure, precise planning and introduction of new technologies ensuring ever improve operating efficiency, which enables us to provide top quality services and keep our prices competitive.